“If you think you are too small to make a difference,
try sleeping with a mosquito.”
XIV Dalai Lama

At any time in our lives, regardless of age, we can face a situation that seems hopeless and impossible to resolve. It also happens that most of the time, we have shaped our lives not only in a way far from unsatisfactory, but even toxic to relative comfort.
Most often, we perceive it as a sudden crisis in professional, family and social activity. The most important question that arises is: why did I let this happen? What now? Is it possible to fix a family, marriage or work situation? Is it possible to somehow merge it all together, start again?
Of course, this state, slowly but inevitably, always begins to affect our perception of external circumstances that seem to be distorted - not consistent with their actual message. This confirms our feelings of hopelessness and powerlessness. It begins to affect our well-being even more, burdening heavily the defence mechanisms, significantly affecting our physical condition. As a consequence, it has a negative impact on the quality of our professional activities, family interactions, contacts with friends. Everything is falling apart ...
We have no idea what to do with it, and when we cannot deal with an insurmountable obstacle (psychological deprivation), we accommodate the problem. This means, simply speaking, that we get used to it and allow it to... live peacefully and freely. And this is just the beginning of real trouble.

Over time, the problems not solved in childhood become so serious that their treatment can be extremely difficult.
It is not only worth trying, but the attempt must made according to the principle: "It makes no sense to go through life with a baggage of sharp stones hurting your back."
Let it become a challenge for everyone who has not yet decided to take up therapy, which is a process that brings relief, but sometimes also a life-saving imperative.